Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Building a Bird House.

Aaron has been telling me for awhile now that he wanted to get the boys this little tool kit sold at Lowe's.  There are different kits you can buy to build things with your tools, such as a bird house, a bug house, a tool box, etc.  
Aaron has told me about this tool set and the different kits several times, but I just never got too motivated to actually buy one because I feel like the boys have enough tools.  The tools they already have aren't real tools, but they are perfectly fine for them!

However, I know that wasn't the important part.  The important part was that it could be a good father/son project and a good bonding activity for them.  

So, one day when the four of us were home with nothing going on, we headed to Lowe's (like we always do...) and bought a tool set and a kit to make a bird house.  

The bird house said 8+, but that is just the recommended age.....right!? 
8+ to complete independently, but any age to complete it with an adult....

When they first began their bird house, everyone was involved -
Jackson was really involved....Safety first!  :)
But after realizing that this screw driver was harder to use than his toy screw driver, he was more interested with the tape measure than the bird house.
Garrett was still trying....
While Aaron was helping....
But it quickly became, Daddy's project.
Perhaps there really is more meaning to 8+....

Aaron made a birdhouse with a little bit of assistance, but they made memories together and that is what really matters!