Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting Dressed.

Let's start with half of the story.
I have been teaching Jackson how to pick out his outfit for the day.  We went through the stage where I would tell him to get dressed and he would come out of his room wearing long sleeves and pants in the middle of summer.  We had to work on this for awhile, talk about the weather, and what clothing would be appropriate for the season.  

Once he understood this, we moved on to matching clothing.  This is typically easy because he has a lot of khaki shorts which match almost everything.  His plaid shorts are a challenge for him and as well as a pair of red shorts.

One night a few weeks ago, we were going outside and Jackson put on his red shorts with his red Texas Rangers shirt.  Okay, and REALLY matches.....job well done by Jackson and I praised him for his work.  Then I looked at Aaron when Jackson wasn't looking and smiled.  I guess Aaron didn't realize why I was smiling, because he replied to me with "That is really good!  That is an outfit I would have picked out for him!"  ...................... and at this point I couldn't control my laughter.

Fast forward to tonight.  Aaron was going outside to mow and I was cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, so I told the boys to get dressed and we could go outside and play.  Jackson gets dressed and I noticed Garrett could use some help, so I asked Jackson to help Garrett while I finished up in the kitchen.            
I really think I want to frame this picture because it makes me smile every time I look at it.


Bam Bam said...

I love it!! Makes me smile too!!! So, how are you going to explain this one? You know, not many guys would see a problem with this!!

Kelly said...

I left you a blog award have a great weekend

Kristin said...

That is too cute.... Really sweet too!!

Marla said...

This is a great one! It's just one of the ones that when you look at know it's going to be so great to look at over and over again in the years to come and remember this story.