Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Scentsy Discontinued Items

Scentsy is getting ready for the Fall/Winter catalog which will be available September 1st.  For the month of August, most items are 10% off!  This is a list of the discontinued items that are only available while supplies last.  I am sad that Cutiepie Cupcake and Sugar will be discontinued.  :(


Sis said...

First of all....how are they going to discontinue the red/white 4th of July, Christmas AND Flag day warmer??? How the heck am I going to celebrate Flag Day? Second of all it's just dumb to discontinue the one with the little hands on it b/c Savannah's teacher LOVES that one! Most importantly Cutie Pie Cupcake AND Sugar?????? Who's in charge of that place?

fatseal said...

Sugar & Cutiepie cupcake are my two favorites! I'm looking at paying obscene amounts of money on ebay to get them. Nooooooo!!!!