Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Shower Door.

A clean and shiny house makes me happy.  However, one thing I HATED to clean at out old house was our shower.  I never felt like I could get it as clean as I wanted it to be.  

Our old shower was just the white shiny tile walls with the white bottom.  I would seriously not allow Jackson and Garrett to come into our room while I cleaned our shower because I didn't want them to inhale all of the cleaners I would use.  I am sure I used some combinations that shouldn't go together.

I am beyond excited that we will have real tile in our new shower!!  However, there is still...."THE SHOWER DOOR."  Aaron and I have both said that we want to keep this door clean from the start.  I want it to stay as clean and clear as in the picture above.  I feel like once a shower door is dirty, it is never the same again.

My question for you....
Do you have a favorite shower cleaner?


Viv said...

For the shower door, I would get a small squiggy deal, that's not what you call them, but you know the deals that people scrape their windshields with at the station, anyhow, they make small ones for home use and get some window cleaner & one of those to use after the shower. As for shower cleaner, the stuff that is used to spray on after each shower is pretty good. I think it's called 'shower after shower' or whatever, you know what I mean. You weren't expecting a book this morning were you? Enough said, your house is going to beautiful as well as your beautiful shower! Aunt 'B'.

Kristin said...

I have been using Target brands shower spray cleaner... I love it.. I love the smell and everything. Our shower was horrible (of course because we were not the first to use it) SO I think if you use this stuff from the get go then your will be good. You typically just spray it on there after someone showers so that the door is wet. You don't wipe it or anything.. It had made a world of difference on ours! Of course, like you said once they are dirty they are never the same.. but it looks much better now!!

Haha Aunt B I wrote a novel too!!

Marla said...

I have no cleaner advice. I'll say that we had a nice clean, unused shower door...and we, too, were going to keep it clean. We used a squeegy (sp?)...but then I got lazy. So we have a dirty shower door now. :( But I will say...when my friends' had our house cleaned while we were in the hospital having Grace....our shower door looked as good as new. So need to find out what she used! :)

Justin and Shelly said...

Squeegy every time! And, I too, use the combinations you probably should not use together. I scrub the grime off with 409 bathroom cleaner, and then spray windex like crazy until it looks brand new again :) Good luck with that!