Thursday, April 29, 2010

Almost Moving Time!

We had our final walk thru today!  

We found a few things that need to be repaired, but nothing major.  We do not have a SET time or day for closing yet, but it will either be Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of next week!!!

I took a lot of pictures today, so let me take you on a little tour of our home....  
Entryway - 

Standing in study, looking into entryway -
In the study - 
The EXTRA closet!!
Back in the entryway -
Standing in dining room play room
Walking into kitchen - 
(Ignore the spots of blue tape on the walls) 
There will be one more light over the bar.  We are also going to have them raised a little too.
 Tile vs. wood floors for the kitchen was a big decision, but I am so happy we upgraded to wood.  I love them!  
Close up of counter tops -
(Sooooo exited to finally have granite counters!)  
Close up of back splash - 
This is the little hallway to the master from the kitchen - 
This is what you see at the end of the little hallway when you walk into our room -

(I don't know why I didn't get a picture of our actual room and not just the entrance)

Master bath - 
I am still trying to figure out which vanity I want.  They are both the same, just one on each side of the bathroom....
Notice above our closet door it is prewired for a flat screen TV.  Aaron thinks a TV for this location is one of our "priority items" of things we must buy.
Our closet - 
Boy's bathroom - 
Jackson's Room
Garrett's Room - 
Standing in hallway, looking at laundry room - 
Laundry room - 
In Garrett's room, looking out - 
It is hard to believe that this will be OUR HOME next week!


Anonymous said...

It is BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see pictures after you guys move in make it "home". Do the builders paint the inside or do you get that fun job haha?

Viv said...

It is so beautiful. Congratulations!

Sis said...

OMG!!! I'm sooooo excited! Everything turned out really nice. I'm thrilled that the dining room isn't a dining room. LOVE the kitchen & master bath....and all the mirrors! I cannot wait to bring you buddha statue's for your housewarming gift for all of those fancy statue cut-outs! That will just make your house a home! :-)

Jessica said...

Beautiful! Congrats :)

Marla said...

Kelli- what a beautiful house! I love it all! I love the wood floors, the kitchen, the bathrooms! It's all so nice and beautiful! Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Great choices! It looks beautiful.

-Robyn Meza

Caroline said...

It is looking beautiful! I love the fireplace.

Kristin said...

I don't know if my other comment posted... but I LOVE the house!! It looks SO pretty and nice!! I can't wait to see it in person!!! Congrats!!!!