Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Entertainment without Electricity.

Without electricity, you realize how much you depend on it. Not only for the obvious: hot water, light, refrigerator, washer, dryer, etc., but technology. No TV and no computer makes such a difference. It drove me nuts, but at the same time I enjoyed the simple life.

Sunday afternoon (I know....I am a few days behind!) while the guys were busy repairing the boat dock, we laid on a blanket in the front yard and watched Jackson and Garrett play. Then all the neighbors gathered around with excitement as one of the trees that was on the power lines was cut down. (But we still didn't get power back until almost 24 hours later....)
I filled up 2 plastic shoe boxes with birdseed and let the boys use trucks, bowls, and shovels to play with it. They LOVED it and were deeply entertained for about an hour. The birdseed is great because it is thicker than sand and if some is left on the big deal. The birds will thank you!

My parents' neighbors are in town with their little granddaughter, Karley. She is only 2 months younger than Garrett, so they have had fun playing together!


Bam Bam said...

What a day it was! Oh, and by the way, remember that's not just Karley, that's Garrett's girlfriend! He tells us this anytime we ask him with a big smile on his face! Just 1 small problem...Jackson say's she's his girlfriend! Ut-oh it's already started!