Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Family Vacation!

We’re back from Florida and had a wonderful time!! I tried my best to narrow down the pictures, so here we go…….
Jackson trying to chase Rigley to tell him “Bye Bye!”
We thought we would have to take more than one car to the airport, but we were surprised with a limo when we got to Randy and Dianne’s house!
The boys did great on the airplane! Our flight left at 7:35pm which worked out great because the boys were tired. Garrett fell asleep shortly after take off and Jackson stayed awake until about 15 minutes before landing. 039
Jackson stayed awake and asked 1,000 questions and sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while looking out the window. :) We didn’t have any ear issues until landing. Both boys woke up screaming and pulling at their ears. It was bad for maybe 3 minutes, which isn’t too bad at all!
040 042
All the car seats crack me up in the picture below…..and that was only 1/2 of the kids!
We got a 15 passenger van! It was lots of fun!
046 048
The next morning at the condo, waking up to see the ocean for the first time -
Garrett was a little over stimulated: “Water! Water! Water! Water!”
Not so sure about the sand….
071 072 073
When Jackson calmed down he whispered to me, “Mommy, can I get the sand on my bathing suit?”
074 076
“Hey guys!!! Don’t forget about me!!”
077 080 083 084 087 090 096
Garrett and Brooks taking a morning nap with Uncle Blair and G-Mom -
A little sleep + banana = Happy Garrett
219098 128201 178 187 194 332
Garrett is 18 months and FULL of energy. He loved running everywhere! I think his favorite part was chasing the birds.
245 249 266
Shelly and Brooks -
Garrett jumping the waves with Uncle Justin -
It looks like Justin is surfing….haha!
We made a “pool” in the sand and Garrett is saying “2,3,4” and jumping in - (yes, he always skips the number 1)
Disney World -
460 462
It’s a small world after all, It’s a small world after all…….
(sorry, my new lens has a major zoom)
465 467 472 473 485 509 515 516
Look at Jackson in the following three pictures. I think the drink must have been too cold. Funny….
521 522 523
Watching the parade -
Passed out while holding his new “kick key cub house” (Mickey Clubhouse) as he called it.
542 551 555


Anonymous said...

love your vacation pictures! look like you guys had a great time, im sure the boys LOVED disneyworld!

Kristin said...

Great pictures!! Looks like ya'll had a blast!!