Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shelly’s Birthday Party!


Yesterday was Shelly’s birthday, so last night Aaron and I went to her surprise birthday party at Mattito’s with some of her friends. 


(sorry to those sitting behind Shelly’s hat….we can’t see you!  :) Aaron is taking the picture, which is why you don’t see him.)

Everything turned out great!  Shelly and Justin arrived a little early, (which we expected them to be a little late) so I think we all were just as shocked to see Shelly as she was to see us.  We blamed Justin for not accidently getting lost on the way there and he said “having navigation sucks!”  haha!       


We had a fun night!  Happy Birthday, Shelly!


Mom/Bam Bam said...

Cute pictures!Shelly looks so happy!