Saturday, October 17, 2009

To Nap or Not to Nap.

Jackson gave up taking naps several months ago.  On those random days when he did go down for a nap, he would have a lot of trouble going to sleep that night.  A three year old requires around 12 hours of sleep and considering bedtime is 8pm and he sleeps until 8am, this would explain why he threw his nap out the window. 

After nights of battles to “stay in bed” and seeing him struggle to actually fall asleep, Aaron and I became okay with the fact of Jackson not taking a nap.  We tried to make him have quiet time while Garrett napped.  However, quiet time for Garrett’s 3-4 hour naps, is somewhat impossible… quiet time then led to quiet activities….

Since returning from Florida, Jackson randomly started taking naps again.  Our fast day back home, I laid Garrett down for his nap and then said, “Okay Jackson, it’s nap time!  Go hop in your bed!”  I was pretty much kidding, however that’s just what Jackson did on that day and everyday that has followed.  I don’t know what the deal is.  I don’t know if he missed his bed while we were gone.  I don’t know if realized he was the only kid not napping while we were in Florida.  I don’t know! 

Since he is back taking a nap, the bedtime sleep issues are back as well.  Some nights I am a broken record - “Get back in bed…..get back in bed….get back in bed….” and some nights I laugh at the conversations he is having with himself. 

Tonight he got up to tell me he was going to shut his door so that he couldn’t hear Garrett being silly.  However……


….Garrett was passed out!  I don’t mind if his door is opened or closed, but I guess he just needed an excuse so I wouldn’t suspect anything… know…..suspect that he is having a mini-concert in his room.  Even though his door was closed, I could hear him singing “I can take you for a ride on my big green tractor…. we can go slow or make it go faster…down through the woods and out to the pasture….long as I'm with you it really don't matter…”  I am sure he was either standing on his bed or standing on his rug pretending it was a stage. 

I just ignored him because I don’t want him to realize his door isn’t sound proof until much later in life! ;)

A little while later he opened his door (I’m sure it was only to let his audience exit the concert)  He was quiet for awhile, but I heard something.  I took a peek around the corner and saw this -


I thought I was being sneaky, however I forgot about the bright flash on my camera and he busted me…..only he viewed it as “I busted him!”  He quickly looked up and said, “Mommy, I’m just reading a little bit, okay?  Just a little bit.” Haha….Look at all the books he has piled up on his bed.  

To sum things up, Jackson is taking naps again, yet having trouble going to bed at night most nights.  What’s a mom to do?  It’s kind of a no win situation.  I think I will let him be the judge of this one…. (without telling him he is the judge of course!)


Mom/Bam Bam said...

Such a cute story. He does love to sing (especially that song) & read doesn't he? You're right it's hard to go to sleep when you're just not that tired. I know he probably wishes that Garrett was up being silly so they could have some fun!

Kristin said...

Haha that is seriously so funny and so cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

Marla said...

I'm dreading the day that Parker doesn't want to nap. But I guess it will all work out somehow. :)

It's great that he tries to entertain himself! :)

Sis said...

Hey! Aren't those the pj's I got Garrett for THIS Christmas????

Jessica said...

So independent he his

I had that song in my head all day today :)