Thursday, October 22, 2009

Garrett’s List of Things.

Garrett has always had a security item. First it was only his blankie. 035I read here that studies of children’s attachments to blankets have shown that their habit is most intense between 18 and 24 months of age. Garrett just turned 19 months. I wish I would have read that before going to Florida and before putting his blanket in my bag in order to go through the security screening at the airport. Garrett did not like seeing his blankie go on the belt one bit!

Although his blankie is THE MUST HAVE item, he has decided to spice things up a bit.

The first item to add, was his Bla Bla Monkey that he got when he turned one. Since March, his “items” have been blankie and monkey.

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After visiting his new baby cousin Brooks at the hospital, he had a new love for this baby doll. Since the end of July, his “items” have been blankie, monkey, and baby.


As if three things were not PLENTY and even though Aaron thought I was crazy for saying he needed all three things on the airplane and I thought Aaron was crazy for wanting to risk not taking them…..we couldn’t resist buying Garrett this Mickey Mouse at Disney World after seeing how happy it made him. He was so excited about “Mickey Clubhouse,” as he calls him. This only meant on the plane ride home, he had an additional buddy along for the ride.

(For the record, let me just take a moment to add that I am not a fan of stuffed animals. Teddy bears, stuffed whatever kind of animal….nope….. not a fan!)

So….since the beginning of October, his “items” have been blankie, monkey, baby, and “Mickey Clubhouse.”

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Now to the newest addition…..Amigo Bear! 007Melvin bought Amigo Bear for Jackson when he turned one. For those that knew Melvin, picture him saying “I thought Amigo Bear could teach Jackson a little Spanish!” while he let me hear all the things Amigo Bear could say. Melvin was thrilled about good ole’ Amigo Bear, however it usually ended up being the toy in bottom of Jackson’s toy box that scared me every time I threw toys in the toy box. Out of nowhere, I would hear, “Hello! My name is Amigo Bear!! Hola! Me llamo Amigo Bear!” Darn Amigo Bear! Hush!!

Grandpa Jordan (Melvin) would be thrilled if he knew what Garrett’s new attachment is……Amigo Bear. Garrett found it yesterday and loves it! He took it to bed with him for the first time last night. Garrett has finally realized that he has the option of getting out of his bed. Luckily he either gets up to shut his door (he is picky about that!) or comes to our room, which I just walk him back to his bed and he is fine. Anyways, at 3am I woke up to “Hello! My name is Amigo Bear!! Hola! Me llamo Amigo Bear!” I had to walk Garrett and Amigo Bear back to bed.

Garrett’s new collect: Blankie, Monkey, Baby, Mickey Mouse, and Amigo Bear.

Garrett will often call roll before going to bed….

  • ”Ba-kie”
  • “Mo-key”
  • Baby”
  • “Mickey Cub-house”
  • “Ber”009I think it is time to put my foot down. No more!


Anonymous said...

Our kids are seriously mirror images of each other, I can't get over it. Carson is extremely attached to his blankie (I'm sure you can see it in literally every single picture of him!). He also has a Woody doll (Toystory) that hes really attached to. Austin on the other hand has a BED full of stuff that he HAS to have or else he wont sleep and will throw major fits. We finally got him a little nightstand thing with a basket to put some of his belongings because there was no room for him to sleep! Heres his list: 2 of the same exact silk blankie, Curious George glow-worm type thing, Buzz & Woody, Bible, Light up Dinosaur (a little plastic dinosaur that glows in the dark), "Texas Bear" (a beanie baby that my dad brought him from Texas) and last but not least, "Manny" (wooly mammoth from Ice Age-which he's never even seen!). He has a roll call everynight for bed, we have to tuck him in with both blankies on top of him, dinosaur in hand, george on pillow next to him, buzz woody and manny at the foot of the bed "watching over him like angels" glad my kids aren't the only ones who do silly things like that!

Marla said...

That really is the sweetest thing! :)

Sis said...

So freaking cute!!!! Is he going to bring all of them to Aunt M's house tomorrow? If so, you may need to make extra cupcakes!

Kristin said...

How cute!! That is so sweet!!

Snider Family said...

I love this! I laughed so hard, then showed Darrin!

Reagan is getting attached to a baby and we think it's adorable. I have been secretly wanting her to get attached to something because she never has before but after reading this I might not want her too. After one thing it will become others!

Garrett is too cute with all his things! Especially Amigo Bear!

Karen Cupcake said...

I couldnt even FIND Emily in her bed when she was little... for all the stuffed Animals she HAD to have in the bed with her! And she had some "arrangement" that they all had to be in ... sometimes at 2am you would hear her talking to them, and arranging them!!!

And at 14 (nearly 15), and 19, both my kids still have their blankies tucked in with them at night. :O)