Saturday, October 24, 2009

Harleigh’s Birthday Party!

We celebrated Harleigh’s 8th birthday Saturday at my sister and Ricky’s house. Here are a few pictures from the party….

The cupcakes made by me!

party1 017009 004

Garrett and Harleigh playing in Harleigh’s room….021

I can’t decided if I want my sister to have a boy or girl (not that my opinion determines the gender, which by the way she will find out next month!….and the heart rate was in the 150s at this weeks appointment) but I do think it would be nice if they had a boy so that Jackson and Garrett could play with Tonka trucks instead of Harleigh’s Barbie cars. When Aaron sees the things the boys are playing with from Harleigh’s room, his face looks something like this - 025Cake and Ice Cream time!

028 033

Garrett with Ricky’s dad, Kelly. Garrett was trying to help Harleigh blow out her candles. Too bad he was about 6 feet away! ;) 039036044 Garrett is good at showing my sister what all she will have to baby proof when the baby gets here!


Jackson just adores Harleigh! I love that she doesn’t think she is “too cool” for him……..yet! She even asked for Jackson to share a chair with her while they ate cake and opened presents. I never knew if she would forgive him for when Jackson was about 3 months old and YANKED her long hair…..or for all the times that both Jackson and Garrett would loudly cry when they were babies and Harleigh would cover her ears. I think she is starting to like them….

047 051


Kristin said...

Good job on the cupcakes!! They look SO yummy Kelli!!!