Friday, January 8, 2010

Fun Find Friday.

I know I haven't done a Fun Find Friday lately, but I love this item so much I feel like I must share it with you all. Plus, with it being so cold outside - this item is my FAVORITE right now!

When we went to Florida, the condos we stayed at were WONDERFUL. One, of the many things, I loved from the condo were the throw blankets on the couch. They were so soft, but I assumed they probably cost beyond what I would be willing to spend on a throw blanket.

I searched the brand online, Berkshire, and discovered Bed, Bath, and Beyond carries this brand. Again, I assumed that to get the blanket that was as cozy as the one in Florida, it must be the highest priced one. However, as I was strolling through Bed, Bath, and Beyond the other day, I came across the blanket! The best part......the one for $19.99 was just what I wanted!

So, if you're picky about your throw blankets - I highly recommend this blanket! And yes....I just wrote a blog post about a blanket......but I love it that much!!!

Jackson even loves it! He will say (while crossing his arms to appear to be cold) "Mommy, I am freezing. I think I need to use your big soft blanket."