Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Happy Birthday, Dad!
Don't worry....I won't mention your age............ ;)
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PawPaw said...

Thank you so much for everything. You did a almost great job. Got the wrong team on the cake.
!!!GO TEXANS!!! and for this week it will be !!GO VI VI VIKINGS!!

Mom/Bam Bam said...

That was a wonderful cake you made for Dad. It was perfect! I know he was very impressed, as he always is with your creative talents.

Happy, happy birthday to your dad, my wonderful husband!

The Thomas Family said...

Wow Kelli that is a great looking cake!

Marla said...

Please don't hate me! I forgot that you said you were going to make that cake (pregnancy brain at its finest!). Anyway...when I first saw the cake, I thought..."that is SO cute!" but then for some reason, I did not write anything. Anyway...forgive me.....but this is SO cute!!!! And that doesn't even really do it justice! Great job!! I really do think I want you to do something for that shower we're throwing in March! (if you're available!)