Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Missing….

Before becoming a mom I really didn’t care what our house looked like. I cared about my classroom and everything had a spot, but when I got home from work I was done. I was done because home was basically a place to relax.

Now, three years later, my views have changed. Our house is far from a place where we just relax. We have 2 young, active boys. There are certain things that have a particular spot and they need to be in that particular spot in order to make it through our day and be able to function at our house. The adults in the house must be on top of things, because if it were up to our kids…..073 many things would be misplaced.

Yes, I tend to drive my husband nuts with my organization obsession.

This brings me to this morning. I had plans to meet my friend Kristin at Super Target. We wanted to go a little earlier in the morning so that the kids would be easier to shop with, so I told Kristin I just had to get myself dressed and the boys and we would be out the door.

I get ready really fast, straighten up the house incase it is shown while I am gone (yeah, right!), pack a little bag for the boys, throw Jackson his clothes to put on, tell Jackson 952 times to try to go potty before we leave, chase Garrett, get Garrett dressed, take Rigley out, put Rigley in his cage, assist Jackson in getting dressed and inform him like I do daily that even though he may think his underwear are on correctly, they are on backwards and he needs to turn them around, battle with Garrett to get his shoes and socks on, realized by the smell of Garrett, he needed his diaper changed again, brushed their teeth, go in Jackson’s room to grab his shoes and socks…………………………………………….no shoes.


Jackson: At the top of my closet Mommy!” (Yes, Jackson knows that’s where they go, however I don’t think every member of the household has caught on to that….)

Me: “No they’re not. Did Daddy put your shoes on you yesterday?”

Jackson: “Ummmmmmm…….”

Me: “Do you know where Daddy likes to put your shoes?”

Jackson: “He puts his shoes in his closet and his dirty shoes in the garage. Daddy needs to clean his dirty shoes”

Me: “No Jackson, do you know where YOUR shoes are?”

Jackson: “Ummmmm…..maybe they just blew away!!!”

……….And I realized that conversation was not going anywhere.

  • Call my husband, right? Would be easy IF he was allowed to talk on the phone while driving a train. Not that that stopped me from calling him 1,000 times in hopes of him answering. Although I debated it, I didn’t think calling the Union Pacific family emergency 1-800 number that could get a hold of Aaron would be appropriate. “Your wife has a missing shoe emergency.”
  • Put on a different pair of shoes. Let’s face it….he’s a boy…..there are not 100 cute pairs of shoes I see that he must have. It is one per season!!

I called Kristin and said I was going to take longer than I thought……..I have looked in every spot of our house and cannot find his shoes ANYWHERE…..I am sweating……..I am mad at Aaron right now (It’s always easier to blame your husband than to blame you kids or yourself)……..and I can’t let Jackson wear his Crocs in November!

After she informed me that the weather was actually warm today, I settled down some and put Jackson in his Crocs. However, wearing Crocs with jeans would be a fashion no-no, so I had to change his whole outfit. Then once Garrett saw that Jackson was wearing his Crocs, Garrett threw a huge fit because he wanted to wear his Crocs too. “Shooooooooz, Shoooooooz!!”

So…..I changed Garrett’s whole outfit, picked back up the mess that I created while trying to find the shoes, made Jackson go potty again, and finally left……..a really really long time after planned.

As of tonight, Aaron is still at work and the shoes are still missing. I have talked to Aaron but he doesn’t remember putting them anywhere……We will spend Wednesday searching for shoes!

I will probably regret typing this blog, because the shoes will probably end up being in a spot that I am overlooking and Aaron will laugh and say “Ohhhhhh……but you ALWAYS put his shoes on his closet shelf, huh?!” But for now, the mystery of the missing shoes continues and this is why everything must have a spot at our house in order to function properly. :) I do find it odd that both shoes are missing. If I could only find one shoe, I would blame one of the kids. But, both???


**I know for a fact the shoes are at our house. I remember seeing them in the bathroom Sunday night after his bath and we didn’t leave the house on Monday.

**Mom, yes I know I am the world’s worst about leaving my own shoes in random places around the house. I can do this with my own shoes since I have many other pairs! So….don’t even start with the “Like Mother, Like Son” or would you say “Like Wife, Like Husband” in this situation? haha!! :)

**If you read this whole blog about missing shoes, THANKS! It was long and all about shoes….




Anonymous said...

Oh this made me laugh. Only because I've been in your place and I realize exactly how frustrating it is. The part about calling your husbands emergency 1800 number was hilarious because at the time, you probably really did consider it! haha :)

Mom/Bam Bam said...

Kelli, As parents, I think we've all spent time frantically searching for our kids shoes. Usually you find 1 & not the other. It can really start a day off "on the wrong foot"! Be sure and let us all know where in the world they show up. I know your house, and I know how well everything is organized. I just can't imagine where they'd be.

While reading your blog, one of your fun blogs on the side caught my attention. Our Best Bites, which is featuring easy pumpkin crumble. Yum, the recipe looks great and I really like this site. I will be checking in on the recipes she posts through out the holidays.

Love You,
PS. I didn't mention anything about your shoes, did I?

Justin and Shelly said...

Haha! Sounds like every day at our house growing up! I always told myself that I would never do that, but I do...all the time! Ugh...hope you find the shoes!

The McCoys said...

This may be so random...because I don't know you, but I am friends with Shelly, and I think you know my sister-in-law, Erin. I absolute love reading your blog! All the friends of mine that have kids all have girls, and girls are soo different from boys. Dylan turns 3 the beginning of Dec. and is going through so many of the same things Jackson is. It is so refreshing to know that we are not the only ones who have managed to lose BOTH shoes...and I have washed the football more than once!! haha

Tricia McCoy