Monday, November 2, 2009


Aaron is currently on call with the railroad, which means it is impossible to plan anything.  Sometimes he may be home for 3 days without being called, and sometimes he is only home for the 8 hours of rest the railroad requires and he is called back out.  We just never know….Welcome to our Life! 

Anyways, back to Halloween.  With Aaron on call, I knew chances were he would be called out Halloween night, which he was.  I am a wimp and don’t like answering our front door if I am not expecting anyone when I am home alone, so what makes you think things would change on Halloween night.  So…the boys and I loaded up and spent Halloween at my parent’s house.

Jackson went as Handy Manny this year.  He was so excited about this costume.  This was the first year Aaron and I had no say in his costume.  He wanted to be Handy Manny and he wasn’t changing his mind for anyone! 

Garrett was a giraffe.  When I tried the costume on him for the first time at The Children’s Place he LOVED it and danced around in front of the mirror in the dressing room.  When we got home, I put the costume back on him so that Aaron could see it, but Garrett wanted nothing to do with the giraffe.  He threw a HUGE fit.  The next week, I tried again…..same thing.  Huge fit!

I was a little worried about how he would react to it on Halloween night, but my parents did great in helping distract him while I put it on him.  You never would had known that at one time he hated that costume.  He was happy as could be, as well as pretty darn cute!


Have you ever noticed that many years ago people would take pictures in front of their cars in their driveway, but today we take pictures in front of the fireplace.  Aaron and I always laugh at that when we look at old family pictures of our parents and grandparents.


Garrett got bored  taking pictures and decided to have a seat…..


Here are my scary brownie balls I made to take down to my parents friend’s house who were having a little Halloween gathering.  Aaron actually helped me with these.  We had fun making them!

 1 2 

On our way down to Glenda and Larry’s house in Pawpaw’s wagon -


They love each other….90% of the time!


This picture is blurry, but Jackson cracks me up.  He was doing some kind of dance on Glenda and Larry’s porch.


Glenda’s homemade spider.  So creative!


Somehow Garrett had his cup in lots of these pictures.  ????


Glenda the cheerleader and Handy Manny Jackson -

  1718  20

Garrett enjoyed putting candy in his own bucket from the big bucket.


Yea for Jackson!  You know we are all annoyed by the “too old to be trick or treating” teenagers who come to your door with a plastic sack or pillowcase?  In this picture, Jackson is asking “Why does she just have a bag and not a pumpkin like me?”  :)


Look at the little mouse Jackson is holding.  It is a little dessert that Glenda made that were yummy and creepy! 

23  2730

Garrett was getting sleepy and wanted his blankie, but I didn’t bring it down to Glenda and Larry’s.  Glenda was sweet and tried to give him one of hers, but this is the face he made.  Lucky for him, Pawpaw was sweet enough to walk back home to get his blanket and pajamas for him.   


Since Jackson was wide awake and having fun……


and it was Halloween….and we gained an extra hour the next day, I let Jackson stay up past his bedtime and have fun, while his little sleepy brother went to sleep in Mommy’s arms! 

But before going to sleep, he had to stare at the moon for awhile.  He is currently obsessed with the “mooooooooooon!”  Really, he LOVES it! 


We had a great time, but wow…..Sunday was a long day!  I used to enjoy gaining an extra hour.  Now with a three year old and one year old, gaining an hour the day after Halloween is rather exhausting.


Snider Family said...

oh I have so many comments! First YAY for Garrett wearing his costume!! Isn't that funny, Reagan was the same way about hating it at first! Second - I was cracking up at the "to old to trick or treat with a plastic bag" so funny, I totally agree! And last, the one extra hour sounded great until I realized Reagan would be waking up at 6:30 instead of 7:30 for the next week until she was used to the new schedule! We have been up and 6:30 and we are too exhausted!

The boys are so cute and looks like it was a fun evening! Oh and the brownie balls - CUTE!

Monica Jackson said...

So cute!! That's a little preview for me of what next year's Halloween is going to be like with a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old...