Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Missing Shoes Update.

I spent many moments of my day shoe searching.  Search.  Sit.  Think.  Retrace steps. Search.  Give up for awhile in order to prevent frustration.  Repeat. 

Everyone I talked to today told me to check the same places, which were places I had already checked and were no success. 

I started thinking maybe I didn’t really see the shoes in the bathroom after Jackson’s bath Sunday night.  Maybe I was thinking about another night.  Aaron, the boys, and I had to run by Kristin’s house Sunday night, so maybe Jackson left them there?  I called her just to be sure they were not in a toy box there or in her living room and she said no because she KNOWS he had them on when they walked us out to the car.  She remembered looking at them. 

This just confirmed even more that they had to be at our house since we came straight home from Kristin’s. 

I dumped out toy boxes today, emptied closets, checked drawers, checked clothes hampers, checked all cabinets, couch cushions, front porch, back porch, garage, any toys that had storage compartments, Rigley’s cage….I checked it all. 

Truth be told, Aaron was actually out of town last night with work, but I didn’t want to write that on my blog.  Today was trash day, but I didn’t put our trash can out because if Aaron got home and we still couldn’t find the shoes….we Aaron would be searching the trash.  No matter the condition of the shoes, we wanted to know where in the world they were. 

Tonight I had given up.  I knew Aaron would be home soon and he would have fresh eyes to search with.  As I was sitting in the bathroom while the boys took a bath, I looked at their frog trash can.    


I did look in here yesterday, but I guess when I saw this -


I decided not to continue digging.  However, when I saw this toilet paper tonight, it reminded me that Garrett got in trouble Monday morning for pulling all the toilet paper off of the roll.  Therefore, this toilet paper was clean and Garrett had some “playtime” in the bathroom Monday morning.  I removed the toilet paper…… 



I did LOOK in the trash can yesterday, but I didn’t SEARCH this trash.  Can you believe Aaron would put these shoes in the trash?!?!?!?!  hahaha!!!  I think we only have one suspect in this case……his name starts with a G.  :)

Mystery Solved.


The Thomas Times said...

Don't you feel bad for blamimg Aaron now! Jusk kidding I am sure he deserves a little harrassment ever once in a while!

Karen Cupcake said...

Bwhahahaha! :O) that was a great story!