Sunday, November 23, 2008

OMG! I have a new hero...

Best website EVER...I must share!

One day, I will be like her....

Just a little update about my savings -
I have been saving the most by looking at what is on sale that week and sort of planning our meals around that. They are not abnormal meals; they are just things our family normally eats. If there is a big sale on something, I will stock up. On average, I am saving around $38 a week. Plus, I normally leave the store with $3 to $5 off of gas.

The way I see it....if I were still teaching (you know teachers get paid the big bucks...), paying childcare for a two year old and an infant, spending more money on fuel to get to work everyday - what I would actually profit from working (which wouldn't be much after childcare), may one day be what I can SAVE at the store. I will do day, because I have a new hero! :)

AND...the lady who cuts my hair is having a baby. It is her 2nd baby, but 1st boy. I am giving her some baby things that we no longer need and in exchange I am getting SIX free haircuts (about $215 value!). However, being the good, kind hearted sister that I am, I am using 4 of the haircuts in exchange for her to do all of our hair for my sister's wedding. I am a sweet sister aren't I?


Anonymous said...

YEA! You are the best sister I have. :-) Thanks for sharing and Thanks to Amy for making us beautiful! OK, maybe that's a stretch but thanks for making our hair beautiful!