Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Favorite Story Time Ever.

I have been taking Jackson and Garrett to a story time that is about 30 minutes away from our house at Border's bookstore. I recently found out through a friend/old co-worker about a story time at our local pubic library. My friend's sister lives near me and that is where she takes her daughter. The library is about 3 minutes from our house (There is normally nothing neat close to our house...) so I really hoped that we would enjoy it. I have been dying for Jackson and Garrett to be around other kids.

It was FANTASTIC! I am so excited about it. We got there about 10 minutes early, so Jackson joined a group of other kids that were playing with puzzles. There were so many kids around Jackson's age. You could tell that all of the moms were stay at home moms and have formed a relationship from attending story time. The librarian who led the story time used to be a first grade teacher, so she had a lot of fun activities planned for the kids. She started by reading a few books. Jackson is 2.....he is a boy......he is an active 2 year old boy......but well behaved (most of the time). During a story I don't expect him to sit right in front of the reader and be still for that amount of time.....and the good thing is, they don't expect the kids to do this either. They are toddlers! There were a few older kids and some young girls who sat with their legs crossed like perfect little students during the story (Garrett was actually part of the "sit and listen" group...kind of), but then there were some of the toddlers who wanted to climb on and off a chair during the story, play with a puzzle, walk around, try to sit in the librarian's lap while she was reading (yep, Jackson tried that!) etc. and all of this was okay. They were all listening to the story.....they were just multitasking quietly!

After the story, she sang a turkey song with the kids. Jackson loved this! It was a very cute song! Then all the kids held hands in a circle and did a dance to some song about Thanksgiving.

Next, we moved to tables and the kids did a real craft! They made a Pilgrim out of a toilet paper roll and felt paper. The librarian even took a picture of each child's face to put on their Pilgrim. The project was very thought out! After the craft, it was snack time. She passed out little waffle cones and filled the cones with Fruity Cheerios. It was a cute little snack! Then I let Jackson check out some books to bring home with us.

We had such a good time. I loved it, Jackson loved it, Garrett loved was wonderful! Jackson was telling everyone "Bye" when we were in the parking lot leaving like they were his new best friends. The story time is only the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, but I am going to be sure we never miss it. It is so good for the boys to socialize with the other kids and I enjoyed talking to other stay at home moms. It was an A+ Story Time....and it is by our house!!!!


Kristin said...

That is great!! So close to home too! :)

Anonymous said...

GO BIG C. Moving on up.

Anonymous said...

I loved hearing about your new story time, it sounds perfect! Also let me just tell you, the Pioneer Woman's recipe for baked acorn squash was delicious!