Sunday, November 30, 2008

Battle of the Christmas Tree.

Last year I was worried about Jackson and the Christmas tree since he was only 15 months, however this year I believe we have it worse (not to mention Garrett). Last year, Jackson would knock the ornaments off of the tree and AARON OR I would have to pick them up and put them back on the tree. This made us frustrated last year, but I think this year is actually worse.

This year, Jackson takes them off of the tree and THINKS he does a good job of putting them back on the tree before getting caught. However, what we find is a bunch of ornaments all shoved into one part of the tree. I will happen to notice a big empty space on the tree and then see ornaments shoved way back into the tree.

Once upon a time the ornaments were all nicely spaced out on our so much!

1) Garrett working hard to get the ornament off of the tree -

2) Garrett succeeding at getting the ornament off of the tree -

3) Jackson THROWING the ornament back up onto the tree -

4) Jackson standing back waiting for his brother to get in trouble -

Random Pictures -

Look at the drool on Garrett's shirt! Maybe we are finally working on getting that first tooth...

Jackson playing peek-a-boo with Garrett -

Aaron decided to take Jackson on a special trip this morning to the doughnut store. He even got to go "In Daddy's Truck" like he always wants to do. My car is boring to him since he is always in it. Every time I ask him if he wants to go somewhere he says "In Daddy's truck?" No Jackson....just Mom's car....
Doughnuts with Daddy -
Coloring with Daddy -


Anonymous said...

Hmmm we did two things successfully with the tree.. With Sean, who was more mobile than Emily was at that toddler baby age... We put it up on a tall chest, he couldnt reach it. Thou that was a 4 foot tree. After we moved to the new house with the 9 foot tree and Emily, we only decorated the top 3/4.. and left the bottom EMPTY!
;o)) it worked.. but definatly was silly! hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures look great! I especially like the one of Garrett "in the act" of getting the ornament!