Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kelli the Coupon Mom!

I have to do some bragging on my new coupon skills!!!!!!

Yesterday at the store I saved $32.28! How did I do this one might ask....(haha) I used coupons that I printed from online sites and checked the weekly ad for items on sale. I tried to plan some of our meals around that.

Last week I was pretty proud of myself as well. I had a prescription (you know, the prescription that keeps little creatures from growing in my uterus) at Walgreens. I found a coupon in the CVS ad that was for transferring prescriptions. If you transfer a prescription to CVS, you get a $30 gift card (with the coupon). So I transferred and got my $30 gift card!
The other day, I found a Walgreens coupon. If you transfer a prescription there (and the coupon doesn't say that the prescription couldn't have been there previously...I have seen some that say be careful if you use my trick) you get a $25 gift card. So, next month I will be transferring my prescription back to Walgreens. Yes, some may call this cheating....but I call it saving!! :)

Aaron is completely annoyed with me. Last night we were laying in bed and I wouldn't shut up. I was telling him all about my savings. We normally have a disagreement about having the TV on (I can't fall asleep with it on, but he likes having it on) but I think he fell asleep listening to my coupon stories. It makes me very excited!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! You didn't tell me that. That's wonderful. You can do alot with $32.28. Good for you!
Love You,

Kristin said...

That is so great! Every little bit helps! :)

Anonymous said...

Grandma Katz will love your CVS Walgreens scam

Anonymous said...

You forgot to send a shout out to Dairy Queen and Red Robin!