Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Garrett...My Backwards Child

Remember when Garrett was just a little growing baby inside of my belly and he was confused on which way he was supposed to face in order to make his great escape one day? Remember he was my little breach child. He was feet first for the longest time, I was scheduled for a c-section, and then one day (without my knowledge) he finally figured out how to turn around. It took him awhile, but he figured it out and my c-section was canceled....yea!!!!!!!!!!

Well....Garrett is a little backwards again. He is not yet crawling, but he has started scooting....BACKWARDS. When laying on his tummy, he will see a toy, want the toy, and try to get the toy. The problem is - when he starts scooting in hopes of getting closer to the toy, he gets further away. So once again, Garrett is a little backwards....but one day I know he will finally figure it out like he did before!

Here are some videos of Jackson and Garrett playing and of Garrett scooting backwards.

-I was washing the cover to Jackson's little denim chair, so it was all taken apart. That is what Jackson is jumping on in the video below. I don't know how Garrett and I ended up in the hallway. Also, it never fails that when the boys are doing something funny and I grab my camera, Jackson isn't wearing pants.

I thought the end of this video was cute when they start laughing at each other:

This next video is part one of showing you how Garrett is scooting backwards. I am posting this one just so that you can see how close he starts to the book. Again, I don't know why we are in the hallway and excuse Jackson's coughing. He's got to stop smoking....it's a bad habit of his. haha!

Now watch the scooting backwards: (This video makes me feel bad. Jackson is trying to get my attention to show me the grasshopper in his book and I am recording Garrett. I didn't respond to Jackson...)


Anonymous said...

No hair, no teeth, going backwards........you know what that means!!!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter that he has no hair or teeth, or that he's crawling backwards. All those things are part of what makes him so stinkin cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the videos! He'll be mobile before you know it! TWO little ones running around!