Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Today starts the last month of being one.

Jackson is 23 months today.
This is his last month of being one.
This is my last month to say I have two kids under the age of two.
Where does time go?

A lot of boys seem to be strong with their gross motor skills, but not so strong with their fine motor skills.
I have started doing little projects with Jackson during the day to help develop his fine motor skills. (See Mom and Dad, I am using my Early Childhood Degree after all)
Today I came up with the idea of putting colorful beads on a string....however, I didn't have colorful beads or string. So, I used what I had! A shoe string and Cheerios. He really enjoyed doing this until he discovered that he could eat the Cheerios off of the shoe string. The "teacher and female in me" wanted to see a finished product....a cute little Cheerio necklace. We never got to that point due to the Cheerios being so yummy off of the string.

Put a few on the them off of the string....put a few on the them off of the string....

I had to keep Garrett in his Bumbo seat as a spectator only. Jackson got a little frustrated with him yanking on his string.
Rigley enjoyed it as well.


Anonymous said...

Awww. I wonder if he will still talk to me every day when he is 2 or if he will be WAY to old and cool to talk to his aunt on the phone!