Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Olympics.

What do the Chinese eat? I can't help but wonder....if I lived in China, would I look like that too? Maybe if I start wearing bright blue eye shadow I will be as skinny as them. It won't hurt to try.

Why are all the good events on so late at night? I would like to get in bed at a reasonable time, but this is too intense!

So I use to be in gymnastics...I was on my way to the Olympics but decided to eat instead (okay, I made that part up...well, not the eating part) I had a few kids since then, but something about watching gymnastics makes me want to run across my living room and pretend I am in the Olympics. Although I don't dare try to do a flip flop, I did do a back bend for Jackson tonight. You should have heard the cracking of my back. Wow. Even doing a front roll - did my head get harder over time? Those hurt!

Is there anyway we could get a little more coverage than a Speedo for the male divers? The male swimmers don't bother me. They are actually easy on the eyes. I don't know how the divers fit into those little things....however, they are like Granny Panties on the Chinese!

I think I am going to start training Jackson and Garrett to be swimmers. I want to be like Michael Phelps' mom one day cheering from the stands and crying as he wins. My kids have some skills. You should see them splash. (and not to mention, we are related to an Olympic gold medalist in swimming!) See...it is totally possible.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up. I would really like to see some gymnastics from you. I will get you a nice soft mat out, be ready...


Anonymous said...

Hey I didnt know you were an ex gymnast! :o) You knew I am right?

I cant even jump off the ground without my stupid knees hurting!! I wanted to do a back handspring every year til I died.. and I havent done one since 2004 dang it!

What level did you get to?

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about how skinny those Chinese women (girls) gymnasts were and how it almost looked like they didn't have muscles compared to the US women gymnasts.

Anonymous said...

You talking about sweet good looking you should see me in my Speedo. I just having a hard time telling which is the front or the back. I can send you a picture if you would like.