Thursday, August 14, 2008

Courtney, Christy, and Kelli Plus 8

Thursday we were like Jon and Kate Plus was Christy with her 3, Courtney with her 3, and me with my 2 - which adds up to EIGHT!

We started at Chick-Fil-A. Jackson had a shy, clingy moment. We walked in and he immediately grabbed onto my leg. I don't know if it was just all the unfamiliar faces, but he didn't really want any part of it. Luckily Garrett was sound asleep, so I could give Jackson all my attention. He finally warmed up. He was still being shy and not saying much, but he was able to cut the umbilical cord and release himself from me.

After Chick-Fil-A, we went over to Christy's house and he did the same thing. He was shy and clingy. He didn't want any part of it. So, we went through it all over again. He warmed up some, but I think he was unsure about the whole situation. He is around other kids and does fine, but I am thinking because we were in an environment he had never seen and with a lot of kids that were bigger than him, it just scared him.

He did somewhat warm up. He shook his booty a little....tried to ride on an antique fire truck ;)....and tried to clear out Christy's pantry for her. Apparently I tell Rigley he is a "bad doggie" too often, because Jackson thought he would be responsible for telling their dalmatian that he was a bad doggie even though their dog was laying on the floor doing absolutely nothing.

Do y'all remember this picture of Garrett and Corlee?

Corlee was born on March 19th and Garrett was born on March 21st. Same hospital....Christy left the hospital the day I went into labor. (We may have been there the same day if Christy didn't cheat!:) Corlee is the baby who has been sleeping through the night for a LONG time now, but my child...not so much.

Here they are now at almost 5 months....

Finley and Garrett...I think she is smaller than GarrettVideo of Gentry and Chloe making Garrett laugh
Thanks Corlee for letting me chew your toys. - Garrett
"Let's talk about something...."

We had a fun day! Hopefully we can do it again soon. Jackson needs to be around chaos more often!!

Tonight and tomorrow night we are taking the whole family to the Ranger Game. The Rangers are playing Tampa Bay, so we have a weekend of baseball. Even Garrett gets to go this time! I think the game starts at 7:05 and Jackson's bedtime is normally wish us luck!! He should be fine with the help of sugar!