Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baseball Weekend

The boys couldn't take their eyes off of the game for a quick picture.
Being silly...can you tell?
"Goooooooooo Jus-in. Yeaaaaaa Jus-in!" (that's how Jackson said it)
Jackson, Shelly, and popcorn
Jackson and G-Mom
This is the scary horse! Jackson DID NOT like this horse at all. He started walking up towards us and Jackson SCREAMED and grabbed Aaron as fast as he could. But just like Chuck E Cheese, he is kind of scary looking. He got in mine and Shelly's face and scared us as well. Another little toddler started crying when he saw him too. This video is of Jackson telling the horse to "shooooo shooooo shooooo."

The rest of the night, Jackson was on horse lookout. This happened at the game on Friday night, but he still remembered it at the game on Saturday. He was on horse lookout. Any time he started to want to get up and walk around, we said "The horse is going to get you..." and he would sit in our lap real fast. So, the horse kind of worked in our favor.
Garrett pretty much stayed awake the whole time. He would get hot and fussy at times, but luckily there was a great breezeway right by our seats. When he was up in the breezeway he was fine. This picture was at the end of the game when he decided he would call it a night!