Saturday, August 9, 2008

Brides! (plural)

Today, we went shopping for my sister's wedding. We started by watching her try on a bunch of dresses. Every dress looked great on her. We kept saying, "That's the one!!" but then she would put on another one and we would say "Oh, no that's the one!" Finally she found "the one!" It is perfect!
After lunch we did more wedding shopping and even stopped by Sprinkles to get cupcakes. Those are the best!! I had red velvet. Yummy!!
Mom, we will have to remember to bring a plastic fork for you next time.
Our wedding shopping trip was a success and lots and lots of fun!!! (except for your dog need to do something with her - SCARY!)

While out wedding shopping with my sister, Aaron called me to tell me his sister Shelly just got engaged! So, now there are going to be TWO weddings! Both of our sisters are getting married!! CONGRATS SHELLY AND JUSTIN!!

Aaron had the boys today. This morning my mom came to pick me up and we left out the front door. Well, later that afternoon Aaron called me cracking up. He said Jackson went up to the front door (from the inside), knocked on the door, ran over to Aaron, and said "Mom!" I guess he was trying to trick Aaron into thinking I was home or just hoping that would make me really come to the door. Then Jackson decided he would just lay on the entry way floor and try to look underneath the door for me. I think he thought he would be able to see my feet when I walked up.


Kristin said...

who is pregnant??? Heather? or you sister??

Anonymous said...

I Know.
There is going to be a little DORK!! Congrats to big Dork. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATS to Shelly and Justin. AWESOME