Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guess where Garrett went today....

....he had to go to time out. Would I normally put my 10 month old in time out? No way! However, we happen to have a little 2 year old boy in the house as well, so we have to play fair. Garrett obviously (and thankfully) could have cared less. He thought time out was fun...

Garrett has been fascinated with turning the living room TV on and off and hitting the screen. When he did this in front of Jackson (which is something Jackson used to get in trouble for) and only laughed when I told him "NO!" I had no choice.

This picture is the best! Jackson is telling Garrett that he shouldn't mess with the TV. Garrett however, is looking at the fan! Jackson means business!

Since this happened today, I thought it was pretty funny that my weekly e-mail from said this:

Your baby now understands simple instructions, though he may purposely choose to ignore you when you say "no." (To help the word carry a little more weight, use it sparingly, for setting important limits.) Even though your baby may not always remember tomorrow what you've said today, it's not too soon to set certain boundaries and start teaching him some important distinctions, like right from wrong and safe from unsafe.

No worries - with Jackson by his side, I don't think Garrett will get away with much.

Tonight, Aaron and I were having Jackson say his full name. Then I asked Jackson what his brother's name is since we are trying to get away from "Bubba." Jackson said "Gar-Gar Dye-in." (Garrett Ryan) I thought it was funny that Jackson knew Garrett's middle name without any coaching before we asked him. This shows me that I have had to use Garrett's middle name a lot lately. "GARRETT RYAN, NO!!!" I remember when Garrett would stick his bottom lip out and start crying after hearing a firm no. Now he either laughs or huffs and puffs at us....which is still pretty amusing to us at this age.