Sunday, December 7, 2008

SOME Pictures from My Sister's Wedding

Notice I said SOME....

These are only the pictures that were taken from my camera. I was in the wedding and Aaron was holding Garrett during the ceremony, so we weren't able to take many pictures. These pictures are basically of preparing for the wedding and SOME of the reception. I am waiting to get more from other family and friends and then I will post them. I don't even have a picture of the bride and the groom.

Here is Jackson helping set up the chairs the day before the wedding. He was telling the guys where they needed to set the chairs. Luckily the guys were from Rosen Electric, so Jackson felt like he was the boss because they were nice and letting him think he was. Dad, I think Jackson should be on the payroll for this day. :)

My Sister and Jackson

The hat doesn't match....I know. It was cold out!

The day of....
At the neighbors house getting ready.

I guess someone said something funny??

Harleigh (Ricky's daughter) and Heather

My Sister and Heather

Waiting/hiding in my parent's room before the start of the wedding...

My Mom luckily had an early Christmas present in her closet for Jackson and Harleigh to play while we waited. Keeping a 2 year old in a closed room is a hard thing to do. I think it was probably good birth control for my sister...

Getting Jackson dressed -

The Cake

Dancing to some song that said "Put your hands up"

Jackson did great getting down the aisle! I will see if we can some how upload part of the video. I walked down the aisle right before he did and Harleigh was right after him. When he walked out the door, he turned around, waved, and said "Bye Harleigh!" He then started making his way down. He made sure to use his safety hand rails that Paw Paw installed last spring to get down the little stairs. He started to pick up normal speed down the aisle, but then had to stop and look down every aisle to see who all was there. He then gave his pillow to "Uncle Icky" (Ricky) like we planed. My dad went back up to walk my sister down the aisle, so Jackson decided that he would rather sit between his Grammy and Great Grandma on the front row than stand up front. When it was time for my dad to sit down, Jackson said "Uh-ugh Paw Paw, Jackson's chair" and then showed my dad where he could sit (the end of the front row). So, Jackson sat in the Father of the Bride's seat the whole ceremony, only standing up in his chair to smile at everyone behind him. Hopefully you will see some of those pictures soon.

There is Ricky! I think this is the only picture I have of him on my camera.

The pregnant table -

Jackson loves to dance!

My sister, Heather, and Timisha

The wedding was great! It was lots of fun and everything was beautiful....until the end for me. Around 7:00, Garrett started to get sleepy. I decided to give him his bed time bottle and put him to bed. (The wedding was at my parent's house and we were spending the night) I gave Garrett his bottle, started burping him, and then heard that Jackson's favorite song came on. I handed Garrett to Aaron for just a second so I could take a peek at Jackson. Right as I handed Garrett to Aaron, Garrett threw up ALL OVER Aaron. Not spit up...throw up....lots of it. We were worried, but he seemed to feel better after he did it. We watched him for a little bit and then I laid him down in his pack and play. Aaron and I both checked on him every 15-20 minutes. He was sound asleep....for awhile. At one point, I asked Aaron to check on him. Aaron ran out in a panic and told me Garrett had thrown up all over himself. I RAN in the room and saw Garrett laying there, eyes closed, throw up everywhere. I didn't have time to check his breathing (nor ask Aaron if he checked it). I just yelled "NO! NO! NO!" and grabbed him. I was scared to death and only thought the worst. Luckily though, he woke up as soon as I picked him up. So, to try to make a long story not so long.....we gave him a bath to clean him up....and sat on the couch with him. He threw up more and more, so we called his pediatrician and Aaron's sister Carissa who is also a pediatrician (it is nice to have a back up in the family!). They both felt like it was a virus and suggested pedilite to keep him hydrated. It seemed as though the throwing up had stopped and we knew he needed sleep, so we laid him down around 12:30 in the pack and play right next to our bed. He then started dry heaving, so I picked him back up. I sat in the recliner on the couch with him until 3:30 (he slept, I kind of did) and then tried laying him back down. He then slept until 6:30. I gave him more water and pedilite and we took a little nap on the couch. After this, it seemed as though it was gone. He was a little clingy, but other than that, he was fine.
I did switch him to organic baby food last week, but this was his 4th night to have the food so I (nor the pediatrician) don't feel like that was it....but who knows!
For the most part, your 2nd child is easier because you have done it all before. Jackson however, has NEVER thrown up in his life...much less all over himself in his bed. This scared me to death, but you live and you learn. I am just so thankful that Aaron wasn't at work and I wasn't home alone when it happened. I am glad I was with so many family and friends to help.
Here is a picture of sweet little Garrett resting on my mom -

The next morning -

And the next night...he is back to normal! sister's wedding was fabulous. Everything went great, except when I had to hug her "bye" with vomit all over my bridesmaid dress. Lovely....
I will post more pictures of the wedding as I get them.


Anonymous said...

Boy you are lucky to have dodged that bullet the first time with Jackson! I got my barfer first! And he STILL barfs! Emilys only done that like 4 times in her whole life.. lucky kid!

Glad he got better the next day for you though... some of those things just hang on...

I have something you might like to send to you in your Christmas card ... but I cant get my envelopes to print! If I forget it in the end.. REMIND ME ok!!

Ya'lls pictures are at the lab... doing the snoopy dance .. finally!