Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Savings! (and my Husband)

Whoa! We just saved $44.23 at the store!

However, Aaron went to the store for us tonight after the boys went to bed. I have not been feeling so great. I had our grocery list nicely typed out, color coded, and easy for him to follow. As I am sitting here going over the receipt, I am noticing that he didn't get some of the items that were on sale. I guess Brookshire's had some kind of shortage tonight, because he is saying they were "OUT" of a lot of stuff. For the record....Aaron isn't a very good liar. So....we could have even saved more (if I had gone), but I can't complain. He got out in the cold and I rested on the couch.

I also need to have a little lesson with him on how to save. He doesn't understand that when things are on sale that you KNOW you will be using in the near future, go ahead a buy them. (examples: Dishwasher soap and "female" products) It will all get used! When he got home, he said "Kelli, you had this on the list, but we have dishwasher soap left and you don't need "those" for a few more weeks...I figured you just made a mistake." Really? My list was typed and color coded, do you really think I made a mistake? haha....Men! He makes me laugh. He thought by him not getting those things that he was saving. He tried and you gotta love him for that!...and he got out in the cold. :)


Anonymous said...

Funny story! I can just see Aaron smiling at you as he's trying to tell you a little white lie!
Hope you're feeling better sweetie.
Love You,

Kristin said...

I can see Aaron saying that to you also... how funny!! I hope you are feeling better also!!

Anonymous said...

Aaron keep saving $$$$. EVERYTHING is on SALE all the time.