Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Our Weekend -

I created this blog last night, but the pictures and spacing were messed up so I had to redo it. Sorry to those that left comments. They are no longer there since I had to delete the previous blog. This blog may have some pictures you didn't previously see. I am not sure....

We started our weekend by having Christmas with Harleigh at my sister and Ricky's house. My sister and Ricky only have Harleigh on Christmas Eve, so we did Christmas with her a little early so that the boys and her could exchange gifts.

This is the night that Garrett started crawling. The gifts under my sister's tree were a great motivation for him.

Harleigh, thanks for getting so dressed up for us! I am glad your flower girl dress is "just comfortable to wear."

Look at that dog's tongue. It doesn't even fit in her mouth! Poor dog...

Harleigh in her new dress up shoes...and her 2nd outfit change of the night.

Jackson and Garrett's new coloring table -

Garrett was ready to go to bed. He had had enough!

My sister and I could have used some sleep as well -

Back at home Saturday morning....I was baking and Jackson was entertaining Garrett with his monkey. They are so funny with each other...
The Christmas cards have been displayed on our refrigerator, but I took them down after Garrett decided he would take the responsibility to take them down himself.
Saturday night we had my sister in law Shelly's Bachelorette Party! We had a great time and I can't wait to go to Mexico in a few weeks for the wedding!

Shelly with some random person wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. There was a whole group of them having an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Party" and some how Shelly managed to meet them and take one of their hats.

Sunday afternoon we had lunch over at Nana's (Aaron's Grandma's) house. Garrett turned 9 months on Sunday. At nine months, our pediatrician gives us the okay on table food (except the few things babies can't have until later) So, baby food is out the door and real food is in! We had Italian food for lunch, so Garrett got to have his first taste of spaghetti. He absolutely loved it! He wouldn't even look at me for a picture. He is serious about his food. He actually does pretty well chewing for not having any teeth. It is also time to throw out the bottle and start the sippy cup. I am excited to throw away the bottles I have had in my house for over 2 years, but I will say, giving up the bottle and moving away from the "baby" things is harder for me to do with Garrett. I just think of him as my little baby.

Just as we are about finished with the "baby proofing stage" with Jackson and he knows what he can and can't get into, here comes Garrett...Garrett found lots of treasures at Nana's house. I had to be sure to watch him very closely.

Jackson thought his car would be a good addition to the nativity scene they were working on -

Garrett decided while the big kids were working on the nativity scene, he would help himself to some presents.

After leaving Nana's house, we went to Michael's house (Aaron's brother) to have Christmas with Aaron's dad, Melvin.
Here are some pictures of Jackson and Garrett playing with their cousin Madyson.

We turned on the music so that Jackson and Madyson would dance, but Garrett was the only one breaking it down! Look at him in the background with his arms up.

Because I have pictures of my husband like this -

Jackson and Garrett can have toys like this -

When I cook Jackson and Garrett are constantly at my feet pulling out bowls, etc. When Melvin asked what he could get the boys for Christmas, this is what came to my mind. Of course, it was a battle between Aaron and I. "Boys don't need a kitchen....blaw blaw blaw!" I quickly played the "I am the one with an Early Childhood degree" card that I will often play in times that I think I may lose a battle and informed him that pretend play is actually good for kids. As you can see, I won the battle....and Jackson and Garrett LOVE their new kitchen and I love having mine back!Aaron obviously told his brother Michael about the whole kitchen situation because Michael got Jackson a Home Depot play tool set which Jackson LOVES as well!


Kristy said...

I really think you need a girl so Harleigh has someone to play dress up with!