Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Proof.

My point was proved today. Weekends and any time after 5:00 are just not safe. We should all stay home to protect ourselves....

Aaron and I had a FEW more Christmas gifts we needed to buy. I thought before Aaron got called for work, today would be a good opportunity for us to knock out the shopping we had left to do. Most of the stores were places that Aaron and the boys could wait in the car and I could just run in.

Michael's was one of our stops, and luckily Aaron and the boys waited in the car so my cart was kid free. I was standing there looking at some things. It was busy and I really didn't have much room to move. As I am standing there, I see this (stupid) woman coming towards me WITH GREAT SPEED. Her child is not in the child seat on the cart, but sitting ON (not in) the very front of the cart. She and her cart are approaching me, I start trying to move, and in my mind I am thinking "Surly she sees me and will slow down." Oh no....CRASH (with her daughter on the front). She ran right into my cart. Luckily I was able to quickly move myself out of the way. She was going fast, so she hit it pretty hard. I thought she would be embarrassed after doing it, but instead she just looked up to see what she hit.

Then, while at the same store....I am on an aisle and out of nowhere, this family of 5 starts walking down the aisle all holding hands so they are in one long line. This is not a follow the leader line; it is a Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Kelli come over line. They are getting closer and closer to me and again I don't have anywhere to go because their line took up the whole width of the aisle. Before I know it, I am tangled up into their family. (Oh gosh, I am laughing just typing this) Again, I thought the mom or dad would realize what kind of mess they had gotten into and decide to let somewhere release a hand. Oh no....hands remained. Their long red rover line just had to untangle itself from me. What the heck!? I was literally closed into their little family circle and they didn't even really acknowledge me. No reaction. No "Excuse us." Nothing.

Finally it was time to check out. While the cashier was waiting for my card to process and receipt to print she laid her head down. When the receipt was complete, she didn't lift her head up. Finally I said, "Excuse me...." and she lifted her head up and handed me the receipt. I think she must have drank too much the night before and needed a little nap.

When I got back into the car Aaron asked if he could run into Kohl's really fast. I told him I was fine with that, but for his own sanity he may not want to. I said whatever you need we can just order on line (back at home in my bubble!) thing I forgot. We ate at Panera Bread for lunch. I ordered the Asian Chicken Salad. When our food was brought to the table, she said "Sorry, we don't have chicken thawed out" and gave me my salad...........without chicken and walked away. Seriously??? Is that supposed to be okay? Aaron went to talk to the manager (who was an idiot) and he gave me some kind of smoked chicken that didn't go with the salad. First the manger said "Well, what would you like us to do?" Perhaps when we ordered it say "WE DON'T HAVE CHICKEN!" and I would have ordered something else.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!! What a day!!
Im with you... lets go home and order online!

I did that for a few presents this year and looved it. Too bad my favorite grocery store doesnt do that... I would LOVE to order my groceries like that! hahaha!

We went grocery shopping yesterday. And I say we, but Em was supposed to be at her fathers giving me a DAY OFF!!! But she somehow finagled coming home sat night from a friends house to MY House and drove me nuts! On top of that mess, I went to Target and the grocery store yesterday and OMG COULD NOT WAIT TO GET HOME! PEOPLE WERE SOOOO RUDE! Just LIKE YOU SAID!

And heres a tip. When you get to Target and there are NO CARTS at the front of the store... thats a CLUE!!!!!!!!! GO HOME! hahahahah!

Anonymous said...

Kelli! You get the worst luck at the stores, how do you manage getting tangled in a weird family, hit by a mad mom with a cart, AND no chicken on your salad?!? I would not be happy at all. YUCK! But, I did get some coupons from Origins (online of course) so if you need to order anything from there, let me know!