Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hot On Homes.

The Monday after moving in, I got a call from our sales girl for our home builder around 10:30am.  She said she was sorry it was last minute, but Hot On Homes was going to be featuring our neighborhood on their show and was wondering if I would be interest in doing an interview at 1:00.  

Considering Aaron is the extroverted one, while I am more introverted, I knew there was no way I was going to quickly hop in the shower and be able to prepare myself mentally for TV.  With that in mind, I responded with the answer, "I am not going to be able to, but Aaron would LOVE to!  Is it okay if he does it?" She said that was perfectly fine, so I then hung up the phone and called Aaron to let him know what I had just volunteered him for.  Aaron acted mad when I told him, but I knew he loved the thought of it and would enjoy every minute of it. 

The taping was held at the amenity center in our neighborhood, so after Aaron had been there for awhile, I sent him a text and asked if everything was okay.  He responded with "Everything is fine! For some reason they picked me to do a scene in the pool, so they asked me to take my shirt off."  Like I said before, Aaron is the extroverted one!  He was obviously kidding.  

Anyways - Hot On Homes airs this Sunday, May 23rd on ABC at 10:30am, so set your DVR.  There were several other people there, so who knows if Aaron will even make "the cut."  However, Aaron said the guy recording the interview really liked him......and that makes me chuckle as I type that because while I would be bright red for an interview, Aaron is confident that Hot On Homes thinks he is ready for Hollywood.


Viv said...

We for sure will set the DVR!

Kristin said...

I already have mine set!!!

Marla said...

I think I already have mine set! I'll double check though! Can't wait to see it! :)

Bam Bam said...

Yea! He made the cut. Loved seeing that this morning!

Marla said...

He did a great job!! I think he may have missed his calling! Haha. :)