Monday, May 17, 2010

Home at Last.

We are moved in and back to our family of four.  As you can imagine, things have been busy.  Moving into our first house didn’t seem hard.  We only had to worry about ourselves. 

This time around, there wasn’t just “spare bedrooms” we could get to later.  Those bedrooms had to come first since we have two little human beings we had to get settled in first.   

I know people say just do one room at a time and for decorating I somewhat agree with this, however with a 2 and 3 year old this won’t work.  I can’t have dishes piled on the table and countertops if I want to prevent them from breaking and I can’t have boxes in every room.  Stacked boxes will either become a falling tower or a staircase and opened boxes will either become a bigger mess or become more full of items that were once unpacked but were returned to the box by our dear two year old who believes he is helping. 

Point being, we have been trying our best to make this house a home quickly.  Not because a “home” is cozier than a “house,” but because the boys and I are home almost all day, everyday and we must be able to function here. 

So, it is finally to the point to where it is calming down and we are loving it here!  

Here is a run down of what’s been going on:

·  We closed Friday, May 7th…left closing at around 6pm, picked up keys around 7pm.  Closing was crazy to say the least.  

·  Friday night we had mostly everything here that we have had at my parents’ house.  The boy’s beds were here, but not ours.  I picked the boys up from my parent’s house late Friday night.  They were asleep when we got here, so I put them both in Jackson’s bed and Aaron and I slept on the floor next to Jackson’s bed since we knew they would be confused when they woke up…plus, the floor in the master bedroom is just as hard as the floor in Jackson’s room…… 

·  The boys were so cute when they woke up Saturday morning. They walked around the house dragging their blankets, sleepy eyes, crazy bed hair, and huge smiles on their faces as they looked in every room.  They were so excited and sweet! 

·  At one point they were in the living room alone.  Our fireplace is gas and controlled by a light switch.  I walked back into the living room and see Jackson and Garrett looking at the fireplace.  Jackson looks at me and says, “This sure is a pretty fire I have going!”  The fire is covered with a screen and doesn’t really even produce much heat, but still, it scared me!  At this point, I sat down and explained it to them and Aaron did whatever it is (turned the gas off?) so the switch won’t turn it on.  Jackson was so proud of his “fire he had going” though!  
·  Saturday was {the majority} moving day!

·  Funny story: Randy and Dianne had the boys at their house for the whole afternoon.   They brought them back home, we ate dinner and then Randy and Dianne left for a little bit to run a few errands.  When they got back I had just put the boys to bed.  Somehow it was brought up that Jackson wanted Randy to lay down with him.  I knew since Jackson had a long nap that day (3+ hours….GREAT for Jackson!) he would have trouble falling asleep.  So, at this point if he wanted someone to lay with him, it was fine with me since we were unpacking.  About 30 minutes later, Jackson walks out of his room wearing his Dallas Cowboy football helmet and his “wedding shoes” as he calls them and says, “Granddad is snoring SOOOOOO loud I can’t even think!!!”  We started laughing and asked what Granddad sounded like.  Jackson said, “He sounds like a LION!!!” Since Jackson was wide-awake and being silly, we decided he could stay up late for our entertainment.  He ended up wearing his Superman cape, his Handy Manny costume, and singing some country song.

·  Aaron’s brother Michael and his girlfriend Casey came over that evening as well.  Casey was such a big help for me.  Somehow she ended up in the kitchen washing dishes.  The kitchen was the hardest room of the house.  I think this is true of any house, but since our stuff has been stored for 4 months I wanted EVERYTHING cleaned.  Bless her heart.  When I woke up Sunday morning, I realized that she had basically washed, AND DRIED, everything!  Such a lifesaver! 

·  Going to bed Saturday night was a whole process.  I couldn’t figure out what light to leave on so that the boys could see if they got up in the middle of the night.  I knew they knew where our room was, but I didn’t know if they would know when they were half asleep.  They ended up staying in their own beds until morning, but we woke up to Garrett's sweet little voice saying, “Mommy?  Mommy?  Where are you Mommy?” 

·  I have mentioned that after we are settled for a while, we need to buy Garrett a twin bed. The other day Aaron took the boys outside to play.  While they were outside, I hung some things on Jackson’s walls, organized some toys, and got their rooms more complete.  However, since we will be redoing Garrett’s room soon, I didn’t plan on hanging anything on his walls.  I walked outside to get the boys and said “BOYS!  Your rooms are all ready!  Do you want to come see them!?”  We walked in Jackson’s room first.  As Jackson would point to each thing, he would say in a dramatic voice, “My football field!!  My stars!!!  My baseball jersey!!!  My Jackson picture!!!!!!”  He was overly excited….{a little acting was involved}  Then we walked into Garrett’s room. I really didn’t think Garrett would notice the bare walls.  I thought he would focus on his toys he had not seen in awhile.  But no.  Garrett walked in the middle of his room, spun in a few circles while looking around and said “Where is me?” To make matters worse, he walked in his closet to look.  “Me not in there either Mommy?” Since then I have hung up 2 pictures of Garrett in his room.  

·  Jackson thinks he needs to have conversations with every new person he meets.  He told the AT&T guy today “Well, we used to live in Crandall Texas a minute ago, but now we live here.”  Then when the pest control guy was here Jackson thought he needed to help him.  “Well, Mommy saw a big ole’ bumble bee outside and then Daddy saw it.  It wouldn’t go away so Daddy just picked up my broom and tried to hit it.  But they couldn’t get it so I don’t know where it went.”  When we met new neighbors outside, he had to make sure they knew they were standing on his rock driveway….”Well….so…..this is just our rock driveway we are standing on.” When Garrett tries to join in the conversation Jackson says, “Oh this is my brother Garrett.  He had a birthday a little bit ago so he is just 2 now, but I am 3 and a half.”   

I apologize for the length of this blog.  Since we have been without internet, I didn’t know where to begin, so I just told every random story that came to mind.  I will post pictures soon as well! 

Needless to say, the boys are doing fine. Everyone is adjusting and things seem to be getting back to normal at last!  The best part:  Not only do we have our own house again, but we have a house that is NOT on the market!!!!    


Kristy said...

Yeah! I cant wait to come see it. I am trying to organize ONE baby room right now so I can imagine the stress involved in doing two!!! Congrats on the new house :)

Sis said...

HAHAHA! I laughed the entire way through that one! LOVE IT!! Even though I've already heard some of these stories they still crack me up. I wish I could have been there to help with the "move-in" :-(

Kristin said...

Those were some funny stories... thanks for sharing!! they are stories you never want to forget!!! :)

Anonymous said...

When you described why you had to unpack and get everything organized quickly- You totally said what I was thinking. It is HARD to move with kids. Its much easier to just go non-stop for a few days to lessen the mess and chaos than to leisurely unpack everything. Just doesn't work with toddlers (especially when we're home all day) I can't wait to see pictures!!!!

Viv said...

Congrats to you all. cannot wait to see some pics soon!

Marla said...

So glad your back! And I know you are so glad to be in your home! Congratulations again!

The McCoys said...

Don't you just love this stage? They really do say the funniest things! I remember thinking Dylan would never talk, and now I can't hardly get him to stop talking! Congrats on the new house!