Thursday, May 27, 2010

Family Time at the Pool.

Aaron has been working a lot lately.  I am not complaining one bit.  We are blessed with his job at the railroad and how busy his irrigation company is, but sometimes the boys and I just need him around here, even if it is only for a few hours.

On Monday he had a little time at home before meeting a customer.  Lately when he is home, I crack the whip with things that still need to be done at our house.  However, it seems like that list will never end, so on this day I just felt like we needed to do something fun and that's just what we did....

We took the boys to the swimming pool!

On our way - 
Aaron loves this part of our neighborhood because you can see Downtown Dallas at night.  Those that talk to Aaron have probably heard Aaron tell you about this location a time or two....or three....or four!  :)
Our house doesn't have a normal chimney.  There is this box thingamajig that comes out on our back porch.  Our house is built "Green" and it has something to do with that.  Clearly I would not be good spokeperson for this thingamajig.  Anyways - my point of the story - Jackson has been asking if we don't have a chimney, how will HoHo {Also known as "Santa"} come into our house.  (It is May and I think Jackson has talked about Santa everyday since Christmas)  Aaron and I are still a little unsure about how Santa will come into our house.  We didn't think our 3 year old would think through it that much, but of course he did.  

When Jackson saw this fireplace, with a chimney, at our amenity center he said, "OHHHH!!!!  That's how HoHo will come here!  He will go down that chimney and walk down to our house!!!"  
{GOOD THINKING, SON!....I am glad you have that all figured out for us!}
This little area is neat.  It is a spot where our HOA could host  concerts, movie night, etc.  To the side the lawn has stadium seating....which I don't know if stadium seating would be the correct name, but you get my point. 
Checking out the place...
Garrett has no fear.  Hops right in.
Notice the "No Diving" picture that is next to the depth of the water.  Jackson said, "Look.  That says, no airplanes crashing into this swimming pool!"


Kristin said...

Looks like fun!! Can't wait to try it out!!! :)

Bam Bam said...

PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! PRECIOUS! OMG just seeing the smiles on their faces really shows you how happy they are. Looks like y'all made the right choice! They love it there! Very nice!