Monday, December 7, 2009

Pump It Up!

This past Saturday we went to Molly’s birthday party at Pump It Up.  It was so much fun!  The boys LOVED it!  It was a place that made me realize that Jackson is becoming such a KID.  I assumed he would only be brave enough for the plain ole’ bounce house, but somehow this KID of ours knew house to climb a steep wall that was about 15 feet tall.  I guess boys just know how to climb walls like dogs just know how to swim. 


This is one of the walls he climbed, but not THE wall.  We actually don’t have a picture of the big wall because Aaron and I were both probably yelling at him to be careful….step by step…..


Of course Garrett loved the ball game!


Garrett teaching Nana how to play ball.  As soon as she would throw one ball, he would point and yell “THROW!” so she would throw another one.  He is bossy when it comes to playing ball!  :) 

DSC_6439 DSC_6438DSC_6442DSC_6455_edited-1DSC_6486Garrett really wanted to slide down this slide, so I asked Jackson to go up the ladder hoping Garrett would follow Jackson since Garrett and Jackson have been attached at the hip lately.  DSC_6466Although Garrett really wanted to slide, he was not a fan of going up the ladder.  I had the child that held up the line at the bottom of the ladder!  You know….the child that the other kids have to go around.  Look at his little defeated face.  Poor guy.DSC_6468

So I took my shoes off and carried him up…..


This is the BIG slide.  The other side of this slide is the BIG wall that Jackson climbed.  He always started the slide on his bottom, but the slide made him go so fast that he would flip to his belly.  He loved it!DSC_6463DSC_6513

Brooks and Shelly


Time for cake and ice cream!  I think this was Jackson and Garrett’s first birthday party in a “party room.”