Monday, December 14, 2009

A FIVE Minute Christmas Home Video

Yes, it is indeed 5 minutes and I am fully aware that only Grandparents may watch the video to its entirety. 

I am also fully aware of the fact that Garrett’s pants are too short.  Pretend that they are capris….which means you will also have to pretend that it is summer time and capris are appropriate for boys to wear.  The pants are size 18-24 months….Garrett is 21 months….I thought the pants would fit….They didn’t….We were at home….Garrett is a squirmy little guy….enough said. 

Be sure to watch the beginning when Garrett copies every move Jackson makes.  I love those little guys!   



Sis said...

LOVED IT! Loved when you told Jackson to calm down and tell Santa what he wants b/c you might send this video and he quickly sat down to tell him what he wants. Garrett is smart with that stool!

Kristin said...

I liked how Jackson said he will come down the chimney and land on his bobo!! HAHA

No one would have looked at Garrett's pants of you hadn't of mentioned it, LOL

Mom/Bam Bam said...

OK, that's a holiday classic. So cute! We want a remake of that video in front of the fireplace each year! Precious!