Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas at Pawpaw and Bam Bam’s

After Christmas morning at home, we headed out to my mom and dad's house. One of Jackson's favorite things to do this Christmas, was to find his name on the gifts. As soon as we walked in the door and he saw so many gifts with his name on the tag, he couldn't wait to start opening gifts.

"HEY EVERYBODY! IT'S TIME TO OPEN PRESENTS! COME ON! TIME FOR PRESENTS!" (He likes to think that he is in charge....)


We kept the boys in the kitchen for a few minutes while my parents put their new bikes under the tree to surprise them with....


These are called Skuut bikes and are supposed to teach kids balance, steering and coordination before they learn how to ride a real bike.




I don't know what Mom and Garrett were talking about, but it looks fun!

12 me! Aaron is going to learn Spanish. You should hear him speak it now. He thinks he has a natural talent at speaking Spanish already. Going to a Mexican restaurant with Aaron is always an experience - "Excuse me Senorita. Can we get more el-chip-os?" The best part is that he isn't trying to be funny, he really thinks they understand el-chip-os better than the word chip. And trust me, this is only an EXAMPLE of his spanish vocabulary. Again, he believes he is a natural! :)


Jackson and Garrett's FAVORITE Christmas present. I highly recommend this toy! Zoom Around Garage


Every Christmas Aaron puts on all of his shirts he gets. He is not like most of us that just fold it and put it back in the box...he has to put it on. If he gets another shirt, he will put it on over the first one. He wears many layers of shirts during present time.

"Agggggg! I gotta try this one on!" is said after he opens every shirt.
I had to laugh at my sister and Ricky this year. Next year will be completely different for them with Savannah crawling around, but this year they got to open their presents so peacefully.....
But for me, it wasn't too peaceful.....
With the boys opening presents one after another and toy makers putting those darn twisty ties on every toy, I got behind on everyones trash.....


And then our oldest child was coming out of the bathroom still pulling up his pants because he didn't want to miss anything....
We had to deal with many battles over new toys - BIG battle over this airplane!


And if the boys actually have a calm moment, chances are my husband is doing something crazy......



Sis, get ready!.....your time is coming!
I love this little shirt for Garrett!
Playing Wii -


Garrett couldn't make it any longer....


Jackson playing cars with Pawpaw.....


Marla said...

Those look like some neat bikes! I've never seen those before. And I especially love the stop light and railroad crossing!

Kristin said...

Great pictures!! Looks like the boys got so many cool gifts!!

Funny about the learning Spanish. Phil wants Payton's primary language to be Spanish. UMMM no thanks!!

Mom said...

It was a wonderful Christmas! Has Michael seen Aaron's Boat T-Shirt yet? I know he'll love it!

Anonymous said...

Those are really neat bikes!

I know what you mean about battles over new toys- our battles are over Handy Manny and his motorcycle. Carson even put Austin in a headlock today to try and take it away from him! I never thought I'd see the day where my youngest beat up my oldest haha

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Sis said...

Great pics and a great peaceful Christmas for the Bettis family! :-)

Kristy said...

David would love the boat shirt. He sings that stupid song all the time! Hope you guys had a great Christmas!