Friday, May 9, 2008

Rocking, Swinging, and Playing

I feel like I have not posted in a long time. Garrett is awake a lot more during the day, so things have been busy around here. I can't imagine if I was back at work. WOW, I would not get anything done at home. Everyone is doing well...just busy....and tired.

Jackson and Nana (Jackson's Great Grandma)...How cute are they?! All they need is a cup of coffee and they would be set!
Just a swingin'

Aaron and I had to run some errands today in Dallas, so we decided to stop at a park and let Jackson play while I fed Garrett. It was such a nice day! Jackson has NO fear! He started off in the toddler area, but once he saw the big kid stuff he wanted to be over there!
Since I was feeding Garrett I got to "people watch." Notice the balloons in the background? These stay at home moms (no, these girls were different than me) and feminine dads were having a birthday party for one of their kids at the park. I kept thinking they were going to tie the balloons onto something, but no! One of the dads got stuck carrying them around the whole time. Could you picture if I had Aaron carrying around that many balloons?! This dad looked happy to be carrying around I said, feminine dads! Maybe he was supposed to be a clown and I just didn't pick up on it??

Passed out!!