Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poor Garrett...

I just slowly sat down on the couch holding sleeping Garrett in my arms, making sure he did not wake up. We are on pins and needles tonight. Garrett had his 2 month shots today and he did not agree with them. He has been SCREAMING tonight. It is so hard when your child is crying out of pain and there is not anything you can do to help. I feel so bad for him. This is new to me, Jackson never had a problem with shots....however, Garrett did have to get FIVE shots today. That's A LOT on his skinny little legs. We are giving him Tylenol every 4 hours, so hopefully it will help. Poor guy! Needless to say, since I finally got him to fall asleep, Aaron said sit on the couch, don't lay him down, and don't move until we feed him before we go to bed and give him more Tylenol. Aaron said he was going to start a pot of coffee to prepare for the night. (He is kidding...I think)

On a positive note - Garrett's check up went great! He weighs 12.13oz (75 percentile) and is 24in. long (80 percentile). Everything is perfect and he is a healthy little guy!

Aaron was off of work today and got to stay home with Jackson while I took Garrett to the doctor. When Garrett and I got home, I showed Jackson Garrett's band-aids on his legs. Then, I asked Aaron where the baby Tylenol was at. (I know, I wasn't a very good second time mom....I FORGOT to give him Tylenol BEFORE the shots) Jackson went into the bathroom and walked out with the first aid kit. How does he know these things?! We never really even use the first aid kit (Sorry if you are the one who bought me that at a shower)


Anonymous said...

Poor little G! His little legs. Hope he is better today. How about if we blog about how good Jackson is on the phone? Can I have one video recorded blog about that please?