Sunday, March 16, 2008

Still Waiting...

I don't have any updates, but I thought I would write just to tell you that we are still waiting. Almost every night this past week, I have had cramps and thought "Okay, this is going to be the night"...but nothing. My doctor didn't check me at my last appointment, but said if I am still pregnant in 2 weeks she would check me then. I felt like saying if I am still pregnant in 2 weeks, you may need to check my head because I am going to be a little crazy! My next dr. appointment is this Wednesday. However, since I know she is not checking me, I expect it to be another boring appointment. The only new information I will know is how much more weight I have gained in a week. YEA! Fun stuff!

I had Jackson when I was 37 weeks pregnant, which is this week. Jackson was so much more active when I was pregnant with him. I think he was so crazy and that was what broke my water. I think Garrett could hang out in there forever. He is so calm. He sleeps when I sleep, moves after I eat, and just pretty much sleeps....I don't think he is in any hurry to come out. Garrett seems happy in his little womb. (even though Jackson was kicking and punching the whole time trying to come out!)

I am out of school this week for Spring Break! I told my students that I MAY be back after spring break, but I MAY NOT.
I have had this fear that my water would break while I was in the middle of teaching. I didn't want to deal with 4th grade students asking any questions. I have already had to dodge so many of their questions this year about being pregnant, I didn't want to have deal with that too. Well, Friday one of my students (who is VERY out spoken) said "Mrs. Jordan, if your water breaks at school, I will get the ice." I paused for a second while in deep thought. First of all how does he know about water breaking....second of all, what in the world is the ice for?!?! Finally, taking a big risk, I asked "What is the ice for?" I was worried about what his answer would be, but I had so many thoughts running through my head, I had to know. Luckily he simply replied, "Because once your water breaks you can only eat ice!" Wooohooo! I was so happy to hear his G-rated response. I guess he has been around someone in labor before.

On Friday, I got an e-mail from a 3rd grade teacher at our school. She said when she went to pick up her students in the morning, one of her students had his basketball in his shirt and was saying "Look! I'm Mrs. Jordan!, I'm Mrs. Jordan" Little toot!

Remember to wear green tomorrow! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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