Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Weekend and a Few Random Pictures...

We spent our weekend cleaning out the closets in the office and in the nursery. It is amazing how much stuff you accumulate in just three and a half years of marriage and one child. We are getting organized and trying to get ready for the arrival of little Garrett Ryan. I guess being pregnant with Jackson taught me that the last month of pregnancy you are really helpless, so I am trying to get everything ready now while I still can.

Today, I moved all the clothes Jackson has grown out of from his closet to Garrett's closet. I did this while Jackson was awake because I did not think it would be a big deal...Jackson however, chased me down the hallway crying. I didn't know he had such an attachment to his clothes. Gosh, I felt awful. I felt like I was stealing from Jackson, but it was only CLOTHES! Needless to say, I am really glad we are not taking the crib away from Jackson too. Apparently, he is very protective of his things.

A few pictures to post...

Saturday we went to a birthday party. It was Jackson's first time in a bounce house. Here is a picture of Jackson and Aaron after going down the slide of the bounce house.

I painted these letters today to match the bedding in the nursery.

FYI...I am on the lookout for a chocolate brown changing table pad cover. If anyone sees one anywhere, will you please let me know!


Anonymous said...

wow you did a great job on the letters!! I will ask Marla about the chocolate brown changing pad cover. Maybe she has seen one somewhere.