Wednesday, February 27, 2008

He turned!!!

Today at my check up, we had a sonogram scheduled to confirm that Garrett was still breech. I walked in and she asked me if I thought he had turned. I said "Nope, his head is still up here (by my ribs) and his butt in down." She felt my belly and said she thought it felt like his head was down. I said, "No, no...he has not moved!"

Then we had the sonogram and I was wrong!!!!! For once in my life, I liked the fact that I was wrong. I had his butt and head mixed up. Sometime within the past two weeks, what I thought was still a head, had changed to a butt and I wasn't aware of it. Little stinker! He finally found his exit! YEA!!!! I thought this was going to be my stubborn child, but maybe he will be okay after all.

So what does this mean? My April 3rd c-section is canceled!!!! I could not be more excited about that! I DID NOT want a c-section. He is also measuring 2 weeks early. He will be here in no time at all. Tonight I bought his little "going home from the hospital" outfit. We are getting ready!