Monday, February 8, 2010

The Scoop on Our Living Situation.

I informed you all that we sold our house....

I informed you all that we will have a new home...

But, what I didn't discuss was what was happening this moment. If you notice, you only see an empty lot behind that sold sign above. We are building our new home! When Aaron and I put our "old" house on the market back in August, we figured it would be a slow process.

#1 - We listed it at the wrong time of the year. 
#2 - The market was bad. 
#3 - We lived in the country, so it would take the right family to want that location.

Aaron and I always knew where we thought we wanted to move, which is where we are moving, but we never wanted to start building because we honestly didn't know if our house would ever sell. At times we really thought we would have to take it off the market, wait a few years, and try again.

Little did we know, we would receive an offer and accept an offer the week of Christmas.

We plan to stay in our next home until the boys graduate from high school, therefore it is important to Aaron and I that this house is the right house. Sometimes we felt like we bought our first house for all the wrong reasons. After searching through houses that are currently available, in order to have the house we want without settling for something......we are building!

From the time they break ground (which should be next week, weather permitting) until we close could take 90 days to 120 days. We could rent an apartment during this time, but with Aaron's work hours (working out of town, working nights, etc.) we didn't feel this was the best and safest option for the boys and I. So........we are living with my parents! 

The boys are adjusting. I brought both of their beds here and they are sharing a room. We are trying to keep things as normal as possible for them. Garrett has been majorly attached to his blanket and sucking his thumb more often. Jackson has a shorter fuse at times. They sense the change, but with each day it is getting more normal for them.

Below is the virtual tour of the floor plan we are building. This is NOT our house. This house is actually in McKinney. We will be the first one with this floor plan in the area we are moving to. This house actually has a lot of the same colors and selections we picked, however there are a few things that are different.

Our stone and brick is different,
we did wood floors from the front door through the kitchen,
living room and bedrooms are carpet,
tile in bathrooms and laundry room,
our master bedroom is not painted blue like the one in the virtual tour (weird!?),
the bathroom you see near the front door (which is a 3rd bathroom) we changed to a coat closet from the hallway and then a big storage closet for the study (that way the study COULD be a 4th bedroom if needed....but it SHOULDN'T ever need to be:)

There are some other things that are different, but those are the main things.

Click link below.
At the end of the virtual tour, you can click next scene to see additional pictures.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful!!! How exciting :)

Living with parents is definitely an adjustment (for everyone!) We've been living with my parents for eight months now while we have searched for a house and its been fun, but we are definitely ready to be a family of 4 again. We should be closing on Monday *fingers crossed* Can't wait!

Marla said...

Love the new house....especially that large island in the kitchen!! So happy for ya'll!

Sis said...

OMG - so funny you posted this today. I had a dream last night that we were at your new house!!